Montag, 12. September 2011

sa küsid, ma vastan
kleine fragestunde

hello lovelies! since i went to estonia, you all asked me so many questions about estonia, my exchange year, exchange years in general, yfu and other stuff. so i chose some of these questions and decided to give you some answers. because there are so many questions, i think there will also be a second part. and about the language: for this post i decided to write in english because of my friends who don't understand german.
if you have any more questions, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail. and now, let's go :-)

#1 When did you leave Germany and when will you be back? - I left Germany on August 16th and my latest information is that the YES 2012 will begin on June 29th.

#2 I heard Estonians are very shy and calm people. Is that true? - I also heard many of these prejudices and I can't really say it's true. But it's also not wrong. Estonians are much more reserved than Germans are and that's one of the first things you notice while talking to them. But not everyone is like that and you get used to it. And one thing I also noticed: When they talk to each other, there's a bigger distance between them as between Germans when they talk.

#3 With which organisation did you go to Estonia? - YFU! ♥

#4 Was YFU your only chosen organisation and why did yo chose this one at the end? - Yes, the only application I sent was to YFU. I chose them because the most people are volunteers and they work for YFU because they want young people to have as good experiences as they had. Furthermore I only heard good things about this organisation and they are the only ones who offer Estonia. And I'm really happy that I belong to the YFU family now. ♥

# 5 Was Estonia your first choice? - Yes!

#6 Do you already speak Estonian? How good? - I speak only a little bit Estonian, but I understand more than I can say myself. It's not so good by now, but I hope to improve it in the next weeks.

#7 Any interesting things you experienced, people you met? - I experienced so much, writing down everything would be way too much. And about the people I met I can say that most of them were and are so incredibly good to me. Some of them mean really much to me and i'll never be able to forget them. I'm so thankful that I met them and that I can spend one wonderful year here in Estonia with them.

# 8 How's the city you live in? - I live in Tallinn, the Estonian capital. Nearly half of all Estonians do live here but still it's not a very big city. I don't want to say it's small, but to me it's not really big either. But it's the most beautiful city I've ever seen. It's near the sea which is the best thing in the world for me, and Old Town is just amazing! 

# 9 Do you live in a hostfamily? Do you get along with them? - I do live in a hostfamily and I can proudly say that they're the best family I could live with, I'm so happy that they picked me.

# 10 Do you have to go to school? If yes, what courses do you have? - Yes, I attend a school near my house. There I have many different courses including History, History of Arts, Geography, Music, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics, Physical Education, Estonian, English, Russian, Swedish, French and Spanish. 


  1. how do you manage to learn so many languages when they're translated into estonian?

  2. do you know any other blogs written by exchange students who are spending a year in estonia?

  3. sind die in estland in der schule weiter als wir hier in deutschland? und in welche klasse gehst du, wie viele jahre schule machen die da? liebe grüße, anna

  4. was kann man in tallinn so unternehmen?

  5. Wie ist estnisches Fernsehen so? Die besten Wünsche noch für dein Austauschjahr. Isabell

  6. Do you already have friends? If yes, how did you manage to? If no, what do you do in school alone?

  7. Welches estnisches Essen magst du am liebsten? Ich stell mir das irgendwie eklig vor :D:D

  8. what do you mean by 'Some of them mean really much to me and i'll never be able to forget them. I'm so thankful that I met them and that I can spend one wonderful year here in Estonia with them.' ? sounds interesting.