Freitag, 23. September 2011

sa küsid, ma vastan
noch ein paar antworten

#1 What did you get for your birthday? - I got so many beautiful things! My family sent me loads of German sweets and stuff, a Longchamp bag and money, from my best friend I got jewellery, the Miss Dior Chérie bodymilk, Cath Kidston tissues and sweets, from Estonian family I got the book 'My Estonia' and an Estonian children's film. From my friends I got the Lush 'BIG' shampoo, a Scala CD, both parts of 'My Estonia' in Estonian, jewellery, a pencil, chocolate and hugs :-) It was a really nice Estonian birthday.

#2 How do you manage to learn so many languages when they're translated into Estonian? - To be honest, it's not as bad as it sounds. English lessons are quite easy in comparison to those I had in Germany. In the class six German lessons I learn many new Estonian words, so they have more of Estonian lessons for me. My French class has learned for only one year, so for me French is also more about learning Estonian. In Russian class I am currently studying the alphabet because I am a beginner and my class has already learned for four years. The only lesson in which I really learn a new language is Spanish and this is so much fun :-)

# 3 Do you know any other blogs written by exchange students who spend their year in Estonia? - Of course! Visit Anna from Germany, Lina from Germany, Isabell from Germany, Heidi from Germany, Monique from Australia and Eduardo from Mexico.

#4 Is Estonian school more different than in Germany? Which class do you attend and for how many years do your classmates go to school? - My Estonian school is much easier than the one in Germany, as far as I can tell. Of course I don't understand everything they talk about, but most topics they're dealing with now are German class eight topics. In history for example they're talking about old Egypt and in Maths about the difference between real and surreal numbers (Hello class five!). But I'm glad that it's like this, so it's just revision in Estonian language for me. And believe me, Estonian is such a hard language. I am attending thenth grade and my classmates go to school untill class twelve.

#5 What can you do in your freetime in Tallinn? - Here you can do everything you can do in any other capital city. But Tallinn is even better - we have wonderful Old Town and, which is the biggest advantage for me, it is near the sea ♥

#6 How is Estonian television? - Actually I don't watch so much television here. But I know that they have many German soap operas and stuff which are synchronized by only one Estonian man. That really sounds funny :D They also have international shows in English with Estonian subtitles. And, of course, Estonian shows. 

#7 Do you already have friends? If yes, how did you manage to? If not, what do you do in school alone? - I would not say the Estonian people I know are friends like my friends in Germany - this would be a too 'high' word for someone I have known for some weeks. But I really like them all and I'm so happy that they speak to me and meet me after school, even if I'm only the strange German girl they have to talk very slowly to and that asks the most stupid questions ever. Let's just see what happens the next months ;-) But there are those lovely YFU people and with them, it's something different. It's just that we all experience the same things and we can completely understand each other. I think that's why I love them so much. I can call those people 'friends'. 

#8 What's your favourite Estonian food? - I love nearly everything! :-) Especially leib, kohuke, saiavorm and Kalev Kaseke :-)

#9 What do you mean by 'Some of them mean really much to me and I'll never be able to forget them. I'm so thankful that I met them and that I can spend one wonderful year here in Estonia with them.' ? sounds interesting. - 'It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.' - Marlene Dietrich.  Being hugged when you need it most, being understood if you least expect it. Even if I don't know them for a very long time, I am sure that I can trust them.

#10 Do you have a song that already reminds you of Estonia? - Glad you came and Valged Ööd. Thank you, arrival camp! :D 


  1. - take a look in which place is Pirita Majandusgümnaasium..
    u can't say that estonian studets have easier life here.. it depends, in which school you go.
    I was in Bielefeld and for me there everything was easier and students had more free time etc.

    And btw.. we are also taking Egypt in 8th grade.. but we take it again in 10th grade with more details..

  2. I didn't say that Estonian students have an easier life, I just said that MY Estonian school is easier as my German one and that it's easier FOR ME :D

  3. I'm really sorry I didn't read your answer properly through.

    I got to the part where you were writing about history, maths and blah-blah and I have to admit I overreacted...
    But I hope you won't get wrong idea from the whole Estonian education just because it's easy in your current school.

    I hope you (and all the other exchange students) will have the best year here in Estonia!

    And your blog is really interesting!